BTX-E20 Electric


Electric forklift is a kind of forklift which uses electricity to work. Generally, it uses batteries to provide kinetic energy. The role of batteries is to store limited electric energy and use them in suitable places. It works by converting chemical energy into electrical energy. What are the…

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Product Features:
●Improved driver’s view
Standard configuration of wide view mast, compact structure of mast and tube pulley block;
Overhead guard with large arc and grid tray with optimized angle enlarge driver’s upper view.
● Improved operation comfort
100% enlarged accelerator panel and 40% enlarged brake pedal improve driver’s foot operating comfort;
Ratchet hand brake has different brake force on slope and ground, reducing driver’s fatigue.
● High efficiency and energy-saving
The use of electric truck dedicated tire with pattern saves more than 10% of the energy during travelling;
The professional matching design of the components prolongs the battery working time about 10%.

Technical parameters

General   Brand BENETRAX
1 Model   CPD20J
2 Rated capacity kg 2000
3 Load center mm 500
4 Power type   Battery
Dimensions 5 Lifting height mm 3000
6 Free lifting height mm 60
7 Turning radius mm 2200
8 Overall length mm 3350
9 Overall width mm 1160
10 Overall height
(mast lowered)
mm 2130
11 Overall height
(mast raised)
mm 4040
12 Overall height
(overhead guard)
mm 2130
13 Fork length mm 1070
14 Fork width mm 100
15 Fork thickness mm 40
Performance 16 Max. driving speed
(with/without load)
km/h 12.5/14
17 Max. lifting speed
(with load)
mm/s 250
18 Max. traction
(with load)
kn 10
19 Gradeability
(with load)
% 15
20 Tilting angles
° 6/12
21 Service weight kg 3950
Motor 22 Traction motor   XQ-8
23 Lifting motor   XQD-10-3S
Battery 24 Battery type   D-600(700)
25 Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 48/600(700)
Wheel 26 Front overhang mm 451
27 Wheel base mm 1550
28 Front tread mm 970
29 Rear tread mm 950
30 Front tire   7.00-12
31 Rear tire   18×7-8