YX636 is a long wheelbase product, featuring strong power and reliability with comfort, mainly used in construction site, road construction, mine, station and query for various working conditions, such as ore, sandstone, coal and earthwork.

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Main Features of YX636 wheel loader:

Strong Power

  • Long wheel base with large breakout force and traction force.
  • Weichai engine WP6G125E22 with strong power
  • Reinforced drive system


  • Reinforced ROPS & FOPS cab is optional
  • Reliable braking system
  • Safe and comfortable operating environment

Energy Saving & Green Initiative

  • Remarkable fuel and energy conservation
  • Optimum radiation
  • Low noise

Comfort & Convenience

  • Cab space enlarged by 15%
  • Low noise, shock-absorbed and dust proof cab
  • Back-flipped engine hood, easy for maintenance
  • Pilot control and brand new air conditioner design
  • The bucket can set level automatically, and the set level angle can reach to 3°

Energy Saving & Green Initiative
Weichai WP6G125E23 engine is adopted for strong power, large torque reserve and excellent performance. Pumps with large displacement are equipped, which greatly increases working efficiency and decreases fuel consumption and noise, together with short total cycle time.

Reliability & Durability

  • Structural components are of advanced design and manufacture, featuring excellent impact resistance, reliability and load capacity.
  • Countershaft transmission is adopted, which is compact in structure. With high transmission efficiency, low failure rate, tiny impact of shifting and easy maintenance, it suits well to 3 MT loaders.

Technical Parameters:

Bucket capacity m3 1.2~3.0(standard bucket 1.8) Total cycle time(lift, dump& lower) s ≤9.2
Rated load kg 3000 Dump height/Dump angle mm/ ° 2960/45
Overall operating weight kg 10500 Dump distance/Dump angle mm/ ° 1040/45
Max. traction force kN ≥105 Min. ground clearance mm 371.5
Max. breakout force kN ≥100 Wheel base mm 2850
Grade ability ° 30 Wheel tread mm 1850
Min. turning radius(outer side of the bucket) mm 5950 Departure angle ° 30
Min. turning radius(outer side of the tire) mm 5346 Steering angle(left & right) ° 38
Overall dimension (standard configuration)      mm 7008*2520*3280

Core components:

Engine Drive System
model Weichai Deutz WP6G125E22 Torque converter type Single stage, 2 phase, 4 elements
type Vertical, in-line, water cooling, four-stroke, direct injection Transmission type planetary power shift
Rated power 92KW Gears 2 forward, 1 reverse
Main drive type Spiral bevel gear, first Reduction
Hub reduction type Planetary
Drive axle Dry type axle
Steering System Braking System
Type Load sensing hydraulic Service brake Air-over-oil caliper disc
Oil pump type Gear pump Parking brake Manuel pneumatic caliper disc
Working Device Hydraulic System Tire
Hydraulic system pressure 16Mpa Specification  17.5-25
Control type Pilot Tread pattern General pattern
Oil pump type Gear pump