what we believe in

Great service is what we believe in, Benetrax has committed service personnel with a high-grade specialised level and professional skills. Benetrax can service your machine all over Africa. Have a look at the network button on the about us page.


The prices quoted for units are for ex indent, but subject to prior sales. The units quoted are subject to variation in the rate of exchange, which is link to the US-dollar, surcharges, duties, shipping rates, and supplier's increases, the costs of which either way will be for your account. Within 48 hrs after conclusive conformation by customer Benetrax will confirm the final selling price to the customer.



Delivery of the units will be approximately 2 - 6 weeks. This will be confirmed at the time of order placement.  This delivery promise is given in all good faith, but is subject to any unavoidable delays beyond our control, such as strikes, lockouts or any other force majeure.



The unit/s offered is/are warranted for a period of twelve (12) months or 2000 hours, whichever occurs first from date of delivery.  The warranty expires immediately if not serviced by Benetrax for the warranty period. Please note that the warranty stated above is effective in South Africa only, for outside South Africa / Namibia borders defective parts are to be returned to Benetrax and we will forward replacement parts under warranty.  The warranty is subject to the client adhering to the standard operating procedures and maintenance schedules as set out by the manufacturer.  Items replaced due to normal wear and tear are not included in warranty.



1. Electric parts: point, plugs, condenser, battery, fuse, bulb, wire harness, glow plug, etc

2. Consumables parts like tires, lining, clutch disc, seal, packing, etc.

3. Oil and filter.

4. Pins and bushes

5. Starters and Alternators will be subjected to a 3 month Warranty from date of purchase.


All inspections, as well as the 100 hour service, are done in our well equipped workshop before leaving our premises. There after every 250 hours services are for the owner’s account in full (labour, travelling cost, oils and service parts).   All manufacturing recommended oils and filters can be supplied by the owner or for his account.  All Services (250, 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750 & 2000 Hours) will be done from nearest Henred Fruehauf branch  on Customer costs.



The client will under no circumstances whatsoever have any claim against the company for any allege shortage in the delivery of goods and/or products and/or components and/or spare parts and/or the alleged failure of such goods and/or products and/or components and/or spare parts to comply with the terms and conditions of this document, unless written notice of the claim is received by the company within ten (10) days from receipt by the client of such goods and/or products and/or components and/or spare parts. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary contained herein, the company's obligations to render services and/or to deliver and/or manufacture and/or repair goods and/or products and/or components and/or spare parts will be subject to the availability to the company of all material and supplies required for the rendering of the services and/or to deliver and/or manufacture and/or repair the goods and/or products and/or components and/or spare   parts, where the services and/or goods and/or products and/or  components and/or spare parts are being rendered and/or manufactured and/or repaired by the company the receipt by the company from its suppliers of the completed work and/or goods and/or products and/or components and/or spare parts where the services and/or goods and/or products and/or components and/or spare parts are being outsourced or purchased by the company the receipt by the company of proper instructions (including all drawings and specifications) required by the company from the client to render the services and/or deliver and/or manufacture and/or repair the goods and/or products and/or components and/or spare parts.



The written quotation is valid for fifteen (15) days as from date of quotation, on which upon an purchase order have to be signed and finalized in full within twenty four hour (24) from date hereon.



Our sales staff and product support representative's pride themselves in their knowledge of the correct methods of operation and daily maintenance requirements of the Benetrax product range of machines and equipment. They are available to you, without charge, to commission and to inform your personnel on this equipment upon request. Please note this based on standard equipment only, any extras are optional for your account.



Comprehensive operator and parts manuals are supplied with all Benetrax units delivered.



The above prices are nett and are subject to the following clauses:

• Tyres will be subject to escalation on substantiated price increases.

• In the event of an order our standard conditions of sale will apply. Full version available on request

• Payment terms are strictly cash on collections or within 7 days of formal notification of completion, whichever is sooner. Interest of prime plus 2% will be levied on outstanding amounts thereafter.

• In the case of Equipment being financed, a written undertaking from the financial institution confirming that finance has been approved, is required to confirm the order and a formal release is required from the institution prior to units being released.

• In the case of payment being cash a formal notification of the full purchase price including V. A. T. from a financial institution stating that the funds are available must be furnished and a 20% Deposit is payable before order can be processed.

• A cancellation fee of 20% of the full purchase price will be levied should the order be canceled within 30 days prior to delivery.

• Inspection and acceptance must be affected by your duly appointed representative prior to delivery.

• All orders will be officially accepted in writing stating approximate delivery date. No orders will be considered binding on the company should this not be the case.

• ‘Trade Ins’ and relevant conditions will be submitted in writing and must be declared officially with order.


We trust that this offer meets your requirements and approval and look forward to discuss this with you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any other queries.